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Our essence is here

Duffles and Polycarpo provides advisory and assessorship to domestic and multinational companies of several segments…

…and sizes, for the conduction of their business, by acting in differentiate and proactive form for the development of juridical and in-depth form for the development of juridical plannings, analysis with grounds on wide and in-depth studies, technical opinions and the resolution of problems with different natures.

In addition to corporate actions, legal entities, legal entities, the experience of our lawyers, achieved through the performance in domestic and multinational companies, large-sized law offices and the development of an exclusive work by Duffles and Polycarpo Attorneys-at-law is also extended to the individual citizen, in varied situations and relating the several legal areas.

The success of our operations is based on such principles as ethics, probity and confidence deriving from the synergy between lawyer and client, and a serious and dedicated work developed with professional excellence, personal attention, objectivity and technological resources, which provide access and fast and agile responses to any situation.